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The level of satisfaction is always high when the customer gives minimum price and gets maximum of usage and profit Jamal and Kamal, The core concept of empathy is employee-customer interactions. Indeed, the relationship between the customers and the banks seems to be built around two different types of factors: Proceedings, 10 2 , pp.

Themain antecedents of customer loyalty inMoroccan banking industry. However, firms that continue to acquire new customers but are unable to retain them are unlikely to see positive results and customer retention has become essential to survival. my essay writer winter vacation For the statistical analysis, cross tabulations were used. Assurance 1 2 3 4 5 e. This coupled with rapid technological advancement and improved communication systems, have contributed to the increasing integration and resemblance amongst banks in the financial sector.

One hundred and twenty respondents are used in the analysis. Having a database of customer's names and addresses and their use of the service permits targeted marketing and individual treatment of customers. best cheap essay proofreading service Since the correlation was positive, service quality and customer retention is positively related. Allied Academies International Conference. It looks at the determination of the sample size, sampling procedure and the limitation of the data.

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Therefore, managers would be well advised to emphasize the employee training programmes so that they can offer personalized service. The banking industry has been one of the most imperative sectors which have rendered a terrific contribution to the economy of Ghana. Writing thesis service quality and customer retention The aim of this thesis is to test the importance and sufficiency of existing constructs of customer service, increased customer loyalty,.

Why do you prefer this branch? Journal of Retailing, 70 2 , pp. Desired values, in turn, guides customers when they form perceptions of how well or poorly a product has performed in the use situation Oyeniyi and Abiodun Bowen and Chen pointed out that a small increase of customer satisfaction leads customer loyalty dramatically. Writing thesis service quality and customer retention The banking industry has been one of the most imperative sectors which have rendered a terrific contribution to the economy of Ghana.

One hundred and twenty respondents were consulted during the study. Journal Of Service Marketing, Spring, pp. Writing thesis service quality and customer retention Social Capital Initiative Working paper. Individual attention should be given to customers in order to better understand their needs and better satisfy them.

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Also, face - to - face interviews were conducted with key customer service staff of Asokore rural bank Limited to solicit their views on the process of banking, products developed for customers, how these products are delivered and monitored. Journal of Marketing, 66 1 , pp. persuasive essay helper outline worksheet answers Journal of Marketing Management, 10, pp. Factors influencing customer satisfaction in the retail banking sector in Pakistan. Customers in general expect prompt responds to their request immediately, as they do not want to be kept waiting.

Give reasons for the answer in question 10 above? The main aim should be to develop a long-term relationship with the customers. This presupposes that improvement in service quality will lead to higher customer retention and vice-versa. research paper services ideas for criminal justice Secondly, given that this large number may leave, there is the need for Asokore rural bank Ltd to seriously step up its research into why customers should keep another account at other banks and address the shortfalls as quickly as possible.

Service quality has become an important research topic because of its apparent relationship to costs Crosby, , profitability Buzzell and Gale, ; Rust and Zahorik, ; Zahorik and Rust, , customer satisfaction Bolton and Drew, ; Boulding et al. Situational influence of store choice. writers for hire without credit card in pretoria Therefore, service quality has positive effect on customer retention. Respondents were contacted and they were willing and available to participate in the study hence the use of convenience method was apparent. The results on the attitude of the staff of Asokore rural bank Ltd towards customers present an interesting scenario.

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Study of customer satisfaction in the banking sector in libya by a thesis submitted to othman yeop abdullah graduate school of customer loyalty. Successful customer relationship marketing: Its initial capital floated was one hundred Ghana cedis GHS then one million cedis 1,, International journal of business and social science vol 6, no 8 1 august 78 the impact of customer loyalty programs on customer retention.

This study will try to assess and evaluate the level of service quality in the rural banking business in Ghana, thus revealing and studying the salient and influential factors that could affect the retention of customers. Proceedings, 10 2 , pp. Writing thesis service quality and customer retention The research also review that the training and development programme at Asokore rural bank Ltd is not enough, which suggest that management should put in place innovation and driven programmes to train its employees. To find out how important this tool is to Asokore rural bank Ltd the study revealed that Asokore RB has been in operations for the past 34 years with 7 branches networked.

Knowing your customers is a significant competitive advantage for a service organization. This demonstrates that Asokore rural bank Ltd is performing at satisfactory level in possessing good looking equipments, visually appealing materials and neat appearing employees. Writing thesis service quality and customer retention Customer loyalty and antecedents. New direction in theory and practice.

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